(New York, NY)- On May 6th, Goldwell and KMS held the annual Hair Play International Celebration at Gothem Hall. This highly anticipated event, hosted by the Kao Salon Division, showcased the latest hair trends and techniques from the brands' talented artistic team and welcomed over 400 attendees, including top industry experts and salon professionals.

Leading show contributors included Goldwell and KMS artists from around the globe. Rebecca Hiele, Nick Pagano, Lindie Blackwell, Lori Panarello, Simon Miller, Sonna Brado, Karen Cunningham and Sharon Blain shared inspiring looks and exclusive demos of the brands' latest offerings. The artistic team also used the shows platform to bring street style and high fashion together, taking inspiration from fashion icons around the world. The show also included an electronic violinist to add a dramatic effect.

The team built a story around the key inspiration, Maleficent, through a show that would encompass creative hair, fantasy and fashion elements. As a team, they worked from the finale backwards with the vision of evil queens in the fashion world and built the story from there.

The Goldwell artistic team's inspiration came from the blend and balance of color reflection and shape design. The team used @PurePigments, the brands latest HighDefinition color to create different filters of gradient light on their models. Each models' shape and color was cohesive for its collection but unique to fit the form of the custom white paper dress.

The KMS team brought the forest fairies to life through fashion. To show the fairies battle between light and dark, models were dressed in beautiful natural tones with touches of mad max, demonstrating the struggle between good and evil.