On Sunday, October 9th in the Grand Ballroom at the Waldorf Hotel in New York City, Intercoiffure America/Canada (ICA) held its annual Fall Atelier event. Goldwell contributed two incredible collections to the symposium: "A Unity of Strength, Confidence and Complexity" and "Twisted Aura."


A Unity of Strength, Confidence and Complexity

Lead by Rebecca Hiele, Goldwell's National Artistic Director, and Shane Bennett, Goldwell Global Ambassador, the Unity collection seamlessly incorporated fashion inspirations in color, shape, design, and texture into the canvas of the hair. The collection included three looks:

• Runway-to-Editorial: With nuances of light reflection playing off stunning scarlet, burgundy and copper color tones, this voluminous style featured a unique, cable-knit effect with tons of texture.

• Nostalgia Cleanse: This take on blonde featured spectacular silver and pale-grey tones combine with nuances of blush-meeting-sky blue shades, creating opalescence throughout the hair. Wrapping around the neck, the hair was pulled into chunky wraps on the side "so it looked like a beautiful scarf," said Shane Bennett.

• Urban Nobility: Cut in a classic bob shape, Rebecca Hiele referred to this look as "regal red with an edge." The scarlet-red surface spilled into an incredible copper tone, which then gave way to a deep diver blue that cascaded down into a wonderfully rich violet.

• Twisted Aura: Sharon Blain said her contribution to the Intercoiffure show was an "ode to Alexander McQueen." Using a combination of textures, including braids, face masks, and even lace caps. Blain's avant-garde hair pieces received a standing ovation. "Lace is everywhere right now," Blain said. "So I thought, why not add it to hair?" Created in conjunction with lead fashion stylist, Rod Novoa, the Twisted Aura collection featured opulent, couture hair stylist at its most extravagant.




Goldwell Support Team

Sharon Blain/wigs: Julie Hagney, Sonna Brado, Justin Ferrera, Shawna Parvin, Karen Cunningham, Patrick Higgins

Rebecca Hiele/Shane Bennett: Nick Pagano, Robert Brown, Stella Livoti, Rosa Hawkins, Steven Picciano


Lead Make-Up

Adam Fleischhauer/Cheryl Esposito



Kaja Stiglic



Rod Novoa