AHA Enriched For Shiny, Defined CurlsDefinition is the first permanent wave line in North America enriched withAlpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). AHA's can be derived from fruit such asgrapes, apples and wild berries harvested from the lower Swiss Alps.AHA's help seal in moisture and smooth the cuticle, leaving the hair better able to reflect light and allow increased shine.





Features and Benefits

  • AHA's help seal in moisture and smooth cuticle for more reflection of light (shine)
  • FortiCurl Complex forms protective layer on each hair and reinforces areas that are fragile. The hair structure is smoother, resulting in defined curls with a minimum of color loss on color treated hair
  • Mild fragrance provides pleasant atmosphere for the stylist and the salon customer. All four formulas are true to rod size and maintain the curl pattern for longer lasting waves