Natural Energy

Customized permanent waves designed for the individual hair types. The NEP system offers quality, economy and optimum condition of the hair.



Features and Benefits


Uniform, long lasting curls

All three formulas create uniform, well conditioned curls

NEP neutralizers contain both the Cationic Polymer Care Complex and a buffering system to provide added care and long lasting results



Type of Perms

Normal (N) utilizes the Elastin Polymer Complex to ensure the enhanced elasticity of the curls. 

Color Treated (C) contains the Protein Hydrolysate Complex, a natural conditioning complex, similar to hair keratin. It will equalize porosity and strengthen the hair. The low ammonia protects color retention.

Resistant (R) features herbal extracts and essential oils for care of the hair and scalp. Consistent, true to rod size curls, scalp to ends.